Dog Ticks Control

Dogticks Pest Control Andheri | Dogticks Pest Treatment in Andheri

Ticks Pest Control Treatment offers you unique methods to keep away flies:
We all love pets who are an integral part of our lives. A dog or a cat is the most popular domestic animals that live amidst us. Although they are meant to be a source of fun and pleasure, they are the ones that get infested by a pest called ticks and then transfer them indoors to our homes. Ticks are very dangerous pests that carry several diseases. Bites by ticks are terrible and painful which often lead to infections. Once infested your immediate need is a reliable Ticks Pest Control Treatment.

Pest Control Andheri specialises in Ticks Pest Control Treatment. We have carefully designed treatment processes to eliminate ticks from your home or your yard. In order for you to identify what a tick looks like, you need to remember that they have 8 legs and happen to be the size of a sunflower seed if normal, and if engorged with blood they grow up to 1 cm long. They do not fly but crawl indoors and then onto humans.

They carry several diseases with them, the most common being Lyme disease. This disease gives you fever, headaches, fatigue, joint pain and skin rash. We at Pest Control Andheri come up with a comprehensive Ticks Pest Control Treatment to rid you off this menace. We first conduct a thorough inspection of your entire premises.

Our professional staff will inform you of the habitats on your property that are proving to be ideal for ticks. You will then need to modify them by cleaning these areas, allowing more sunlight in such places and so on.

We then use tick control products and chemicals that will kill these pests. These are all done using safety methods and approved label instructions. We then do a follow up to make sure every area is treated and no more ticks are roaming around your premises. Additionally you will need to treat your pets for ticks as well. You can do so by giving them medicated baths, using medicated collars and taking them to your vet.

After all treatment is complete and you begin living in a tick free environment, make sure to prevent the reoccurrence of ticks. Like they say prevention is better than cure. You can do so by getting rid of bird and rodent materials used for making nests, trimming grass and lawn, adding gravel as a sort of barrier around wooden areas and so on. Make sure to inspect your pets regularly and see if they have any ticks on them. Incase they do, treat them at the start itself. Also remember that if there are any ticks on the human body, the best way to remove them is by using a pair of tweezers.

When an area is infested by ticks, it is a best practice to get professional treatment. We at Pest Control Andheri have well trained staffs who knows the right practices to eliminate these pests while keeping humans safe from any ill effects of the pesticides. Look no further for your Ticks Pest Control Treatment as we also offer it to you at very affordable rates.

Birds & Pigeon Control

We all know about the defilement caused by birds, especially pigeons and their over exploding population, to offices, residences, malls, factories, places of worship and just about every inch of space they get. In Andheri, it is common to feed a bird and even more common to accept bird pooping as a sign of good luck in the name of blind superstition, but the repercussions borne by the property owners. Not anymore.