Pest Management

Everything you need to know about Pest Control Management

The various types of Management services that we offer to control the growth of the following pests and insects are given below


Cockroaches are carrier of various kinds of diseases and being nocturnal, it is difficult to locate their hidings and prevent their growth. Over the years we have attained domain expertise to provide effective and assured cockroach control services. Our solutions are available for residential apartments as well as commercial sectors.

Our services guarantee that only safe methods are employed to eradicate cockroach in a hassle free manner. Our trained staffs locate the breeding spots of cockroaches, analyze their spread and accordingly render assured solutions.


Bed bug are one of the most disturbing pests that are a major cause for irritation and sleepless nights. Being nocturnal, bed bugs come out in night and hence it requires our expert assistance for practical solutions. We make use of authentic methods for assured results.

Our bed bug management services are carried out in the most simple and hassle free way to suit the convenience of the client.


Our team of experienced professionals render focused fly management services in a stipulated time frame. We provide these services for both homes and offices. We survey the surrounding of the establishment to detect stagnant water which is the most common spot that encourages breeding of flies.

We use sprays and powders that eradicates flies and controls their growth and spread. All the products and methods that we implement are safe and secure.


Rodents are the source of various diseases and hence, we carefully detect, locate and block the holes and cracks through which rodents enter the house. Rendering specialized rodent control management is our forte. We advise not to keep garbage or leftover food items at home to restrict the entry of rats.

It is also important to dispose a dead rodent immediately to prevent spread of germs.


We have made a reputed name in the market due to our quality services that give assured solutions. Our snake prevention management is a ‘snake-safe’ service, that protects your home and workplace from the entry of snakes and other such venomous reptiles.

We strive to provide a healthy and safe environment for you, your family and your property through our comprehensive range of services.


We have the competence to provide the best termite management services. Our reliable services helps in checking the growth and spread of termites. Our effective solutions protects your valuable wooden furniture and goods and secures its longevity by using advanced techniques that destroys termites from its roots without damaging the goods.

Our termite management services are appreciated by our clientele and are affordable in nature


Mosquitoes are the most common cause for the spread of various dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever etc. We are highly reputed among our clients who widely acknowledge and refer our services. To maintain the quality of our services and to meet the specific requirements of the clients, our prime focus is to render effective solutions and check the spread of mosquitoes.

To bring effect in our services, we confirm that there are no water logging in or around the affected area. Our safe and efficient mosquito management is designed in such a way that it suits the convenience and pocket of the client.


Lizards are very poisonous and commonly found in homes. To control and prevent the spread of lizard we give practical and focused lizard management services at competitive market price.

We employ safe products and advanced equipment for ensured results. Feel free to call us for expert solutions. We guarantee you that our services will meet your expectations.


Wood borer feeds on wood and turn wooden goods to dust in no time. Backed by a team of professionals who are experienced and have full knowledge about their relevant domain, we control wood borer or powder post beetle larvae.

We are specialized in wood borer prevention and control management and treat the infested area to restrict their growth.