Honeybees Control Treatment

Honeybee Pest Control Andheri | Honeybee Pest Treatment in Andheri

Excerpting honey bees from building structures is substantially a challenging task to perform. When a beehive is established, only few of the adult bees would be present and later, these bees quickly build the honey combs, store honey and begin to pupate more bees. A well-built beehive contains more than 100 pounds of honey with numerous adults and developing ones. Initially, after finding the honeycomb location, the size of the colony has to be determined.

After which, the honey bees can be destroyed wherever they are located by using labelled pesticides but on the other side, this treatment method might also lead to unwanted consequences because using the pesticides not only kills the bees but also contaminates the honey and wax which later become hazardous waste.

No matter how much we clean our home but still there are some hidden or visible creatures can be traced easily. Flies is the most common pest which is easily find anywhere ,they came inside the house and contaminated food and many eatables products because they fly and from one corner to another and even several times these flies sit on nasty things like garbage, rotten food etc. Some pests that we generally traced are lizards, cockroaches, ants and quite often see the silverfish bug. They should be treated as soon as they are traced as they can cause tremendous loss and damage to our belongings. They can dig holes in the wall, pierce through our clothes leaving a yellowish stain on it, and destroy book bindings. They can also scrap the plaster of the wall and make ugly looking holes in it.

Honeybees Control Treatment

Hence, besides using pesticides, it is better to get help from beekeepers who can properly remove the beehives without killing the bees. Some beekeepers try to determine the nest by tapping the wall or closely listening to the humming of the colony. Some use stethoscopes to determine the edges of the nest or drill tiny holes in the wall and insert a fine wire or ligament to find edge of the nest.

If, one is trying to remove honey bees and their holes, then its required to drill large holes which enables the removal of the the comb easily without contaminating the wax and honey.

Treatment For Honey Bee Hive

It is important to properly identify the particular species living near your home, it is also necessary to know effective application strategies, as well as the limitations and dangers associated with treatment. The only way to rid a home of bees is to remove the hive entirely. This can often be exterminated by injecting a pesticide recommended for bee control into the cavity.